USPRN is a web-based application used by many healthcare organizations to manage their patient referrals. We offer real-time tracking of patients from admission to discharge in network and out of network.
Cloud Based Application Cloud Based Application
Our web based application is located on HIPAA compliant secured servers accessible on all desktop and mobile devices.
Full Referral Software Full Referral Software
USPRN offers a full medical referral suite capable of managing all patient referrals. Manage your patient referrals in real-time with our state-of-the-art notification and communication system.
Unlimited Referrals Unlimited Referrals
Our system allows any user to receive and send unlimited referrals to anyone in our Open Network. Free marketing, free advertising, free networking events…


Our flexible service plans are specifically customized to fit your needs no matter the organization size. From a small start up to a well established medium sized organization; we can scale our software to meet the needs of larger entities such as the Federal government.
Open Network
This plan allows you to send and receive referrals between any organization in the USPRN Open Network.
Consulting Services
USPRN offer consulting services to help organizations build revenue, develop relationships with physicians and employer groups, and bring about profitable growth.


Closed Network (Organization Software)
We provide a customized solution to reflect your preferred Network of healthcare providers. Helps keep patients in network and plug financial gaps within your organization.
Government Services
USPRN is an approved Federal and Local government contractor. Our services are well suited for all VA hospitals and VISNs.

D&B #: 073640818 CAGE: 7FTF3


Unlimited Referrals Unlimited Referrals
We do not charge you for receiving or sending referrals. We guarantee you unlimited referrals for as long as you have an active subscription plan.
Company Marketing Company Marketing
USPRN will include your company logo and materials into all USPRN marketing activities. Your services will be displayed on our Open Network and accessible by all USPRN referral sources.
Free Networking Events Free Networking Events
An open invitation to all USPRN monthly networking activities. Our monthly Connect Over Coffee events allows USPRN partners to strengthen referral relationships.
24/ 7 Customer Support 24/ 7 Customer Support
Our office support is open 24/7 for all IT related issues. In-Service and demos are scheduled at normal operating hours from 8am-5PM.
Access to all Referral Reports Access to all Referral Reports
Your monthly subscription allows you to view all your referral trends and reports in real time.
30 Minute Guarantee Response 30 Minute Guarantee Response
All referrals sent within the USPRN system are guaranteed with a 30 minute response time. You will receive a SMS/Email notification within 30 minutes when a referral is sent and when it is accepted.


Real Time Reporting
Track all referrals from source to recipient in real time. All referrals are displayed in your profile dashboards as it moves through the network.
24/7 Customer Care
Our office provides support around the clock to ensure all referrals are pushed through successfully.
Unlimited Referrals
Never worry about reaching a monthly referral number. All subscription plans include unlimited referrals for as long as it is active.
Recognized Quality
Our Referral system are used by many healthcare organizations to manage their referral process.
Technical Experts
Our in house developers and IT staff are constantly managing and updating our systems to comply with all federal and state regulations.
Flexible Subscription Plans
Our flat monthly/annual rates are flexible. We can even customize the software to have dedicated company URL with company logos.

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Patrick Cook

Contracting Officer

Jacqueline Kneubuhl

Chief Executive Officer

Shiloh Kneubuhl

Director Business Development


Our staff is standing by to help you find the right referral solution for your organization.

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